The Clubs We Host

The Arts Club hosts and facilitates a variety of clubs and interest  groups. Part of our mission is to facilitate the creative and cultural fabric of our community. So we  help arts groups develop programs that help participants develop thier knowledge and skills. We are currently sponsoring over a dozen arts organizations in our community.  Participation in these clubs is available on a first come basis so register for these group events in advance. Please fill in a registration for any program you would like to join and we will get back to you with the details.

WORDSMITHS - Writers Group plans meet-ups to explore the art of writing. This group is designed for both established and emerging writers to develop their craft. Each session will involve a group discussion of challenges for writers, readings, and peer feedback. Whether you write short stories, books, articles, or film scripts these meetings can help you to refine your approach to your projects. This group also compliments  our Writers Workshop Series. The cost of each Wordsmiths meeting including coffee or tea is $5 for members or  $10 for non members.  Meetings are generally  held  on the third Tuesday of the month, Call for date and times and to reserve your place.

FYI -  Check our Events page for details)


ARTITUDE - Visual Arts Club - plans meet ups every week  that involve exhibitions, talks, workshops, or demonstrations that show what goes into crafting the works of art by member artists, photographers, designers, and sculptures.   Mondays is  Visual  Arts Day at The Arts Club.     Visual Arts Programming is during the day on Mondays.   These meet ups cost $5 for members or $10 for non members including a coffee or tea.  Call for date and times and to reserve your place.

Special treks are also organised for club members to visit local galleries, exhibitions and studios on weekends.

FYI - Our Arts Entertainment Program featuring profiles of some of the worlds greatest artists so check our Events page for details)



IMAGE MAKERS - Photography Club - plans meet ups on forth Wednesdays of the month  to explore the ins and outs of photography from both a technical and artistic perspective.
These meetings contemplate the roll photography plays in our cultureal landscape, and how it has been used both as an artistic medium and as a powerful communications vehicle from the very beginning of its contribution to our culture.   These gatherings look at the work of great photographers throughout history followed by a discussion of the techniques and technology used by great image makers. These meetings take place during the day on Sundays. IMAGE MAKERS meet ups cost $8 for members including a coffee or tea.  Call for date and times and to confirm your place.

IMAGE MAKERS - also plans group photo outings

FYI - Our Photography Programs are  on Sundays so check our Events page for details)

THE CREATORS - You Tube Video Creators
You Tubers gather to discuss and create online video content and explore colaberative creations using the green screen studio at The Arts Club where they can drop any background into thier video footage.  Want to shoot a video in "the Arctic" or "New York" or "Hollywood" on a weekend in Brighton come out and check out some You Tuber magic.  Content CREATORS  meet ups are $10 for members including a coffee or tea. Call for date and times and to reserve your place



If you have an interest in film making; This group may be for you! Emerging and Established film makers get together for creative collaborations and to explore the local resources available for thier projects. The is an eclectic group of writers, producers, directors, cinematographers and talent that discuss industry news, review techniques, technology and develop collaborative projects. Film Makers meet ups are $10 for members. Call for date and times and to reserve your place.

FYI - The Great Directors Showcase  Check out our Event listings for Details.

FILM REVIEW NIGHTs  - Several nights a week  members gather  to screen and discuss trending movies from various genres.  Film has always had a large impact on our society and our perception of the world.  Film Review Night is a film based meet-up focused on watching, then discussing films in detail. Discussions will centre around the direction, acting, cinematography, screenplay and sound and how all the pieces either fit together or don't fit together. This is a group for anyone that enjoys watching a film and discussing its merit as art as well as its impact on the social, economic, environmental and political landscape of our world. Lots of food for thought!. We love film and love learning more about film. If you also have a passion for  film, you will want to join us on our film nights!  Its an evening out that can add a great deal to your experiance of this big screen media. FILM REVIEW gatherings cost $10 including popcorn and a drink.

COMEDY CLUB - LAUGH OFF - IMPROV CAFE  Life keeps sending curves just to keep us awake. So people with a sense of humour gather for a night of improvisational games and stand up fun.  An opportunity to excersice your funny bone and try out your latest funnies on some friendly fans. Everyone must bring at least one new joke or story to share.  We will see who draws to biggest laughs of the day.  Comedy meet ups are mostly on Fridays at and cost $10 Call for date and times and to reserve your place.



Actors and performers  meet and develop informal workshops to hone thier craft.  A chance to explore new ground and excersice your expressive muscles.  Put your talents to the test with professional coaching and the support of your peers.  Current Casting Calls are also posted and discussed at these events. ACTING OUT  meet ups are $6 for members including a coffee or tea. Do call for date and times and to reserve your place. 



The Back Stage Players is a theatrical group that put on varios stage performances at The Arts Club.
This Year they will be putting on a trilogy of plays by local playwright Viictor Schukov.
Auditions are being held in the next few months for this and upcoming plays. So if you are interested
in being involved with Theatre projects in any capacity contact us as soon as you can.



THE JAM - Music Club meets each month to listen to and play their music for and with each other. The Music Club was started in order to bring musicians together in order to collaborate and jam.   The Arts Club is a great place to meet potential bandmates, learn a few new tricks or simply hang out and make music.  Club activities take place in our sound treated space in (which can also be used for recording sessions or creating music videos.)  While some members choose to bring their own gear, many others take advantage of our mics, amps and PA system.  Music meet ups are $10  including a coffee or tea. Call for date and times and to reserve your place.



SING IN -   Karaoke, Lip Sync, Sing Along-
If you don’t have your own creation to put out there then there are also live events when you can win prizes if you can lip sync to a song or sing your heart out on Karaoke night when a friendly crowd of other members makes it easy to overcome ones inhibitions. Sing In meet ups are $5 for members including a coffee or tea. Call for date and times and to reserve your place. 






Dance ClubDANCE WITH ME - Dance  Club plans dance events on Saturday nights and get togethers for lessons on Satuday and Sunday afternoons to learn share and practice different dance styles and to plan dance events. Popular dance styles are explored which may include: Ballroom styles such as cha-cha, fox trot, swing, tango and waltz.  Latin styles including Salsa, Bachata, Merengue.  Country styles including line dance and swing.  As well as others, such as freestyle, hip-hop and Jazz. These meet-ups are $15 for dances and $10 for classes. Call for date and times and to reserve your place.


Dance lessons are also available as individuals or as a groups.  Call for times and details.


OPEN MIC NIGHT - Musicians are invited to organise a fun afternoon when you can let your hair down, get on stage and have a blast entertaining each other.  This is an opportunity for musicians, comedians, poets, song writers and philosophers to try thier new ideas out on a live and friendly crowd.  It is variety at its best as you never know what to expect from the next one up to the mic. But one thing is for sure you are bound to be impressed with all the amazing local talent from this area.     Open Mic Night is an opportunity to enjoy entertaining in front of  a friendly crowd looking for new experiences.  An opporunity to appreciate the amazing talents that live in our own community. Open Stage events are FREE. Donations are of course appreciated. . Call for details and to reserve your place.


THE ARTS CLUB TALENT CONTEST - We are looking for Talent that ranges from musical groups, comedians, hypnotists, magicians, improvisational humor, musicians, singers to dance. 
Our Talent Contest wants to highlight all the talent that lives among us. Every week we are looking for entrants for the TAC Talent Contest. So if you know someone with talent contact us and nominate them for the contest. Auditions will be held every month as we get ready for this event.

So watch out for our annoucement of The Arts Club Talent Contest which will feature a cash prize for the winning acts.


GETTING RESULTS - Marketing Club -  This club plans get togethers for discussions and presentations about various aspects of marketing.  An open format provides a multi perspective brain storming opportunity that can facilitate innovative creative problem solving.  It provides participants with an oportunity to explore the paticular marketing challenges of their business with other businessmen and with the guidance of one of our marketing coaches. This group compliments our workshop series for small businesses called “Result Focused Marketing”   The cost of each Getting Results meeting including coffee or tea is $10 for members including a coffee or tea. Call for date and times and to reserve your place.


THE SPOT - Youth Arts Program - We are planning a youth program at The Arts Club.  We are currently facilitating a youth club dedicated to appreciating the arts in its many genres. The Spot provides a safe space where young people can learn to appreciate and participate in creative activities. Saturday afternoons The Arts Club is transformed into The Spot "youth night club" where Youth Members can be found engaged in age appropriate activities.and events involving music, film, photography, improv, skits, creative writing, dance and more. 

The Spot Cub program is open to all youth aged 12 to 18. and will run from 2pm to 5 pm on Saturdays. Admission to the spot is $2 for Youth Members or $4 for non members. Call 613-475-9900 for more info.


PLAYERS - Games Club - Playing Games not only fuels the creative process but it can add joy to life, relieve stress, supercharge learning, and connect you to others and the world around you.  Play can also make work more productive and pleasurable. The Games Club plan get togethers regularly to play games that rotate from meeting to meeting and may include  Chess, Checkers, Backgammon, Scrabble, Monopoly, Clue, Othello, Trivial Pursuit, Pictionary, Risk, Cribbage, Euchre, Poker and more.   A great bit of fun, with refreshments and prizes! Currently on the 1st Tuesday of each month these meet ups cost $5 including a coffee or tea. Call for date and times and to reserve your place. (read more)


REGISTER - Participation in these programs is first come first serve, so please register early for any of our educational programs.  Fill out the form for the program you are interested in (in the left column) and we will get back to you with a confirmation.

The Arts Club will be holding special events through out the year to bring more fun to our community. You can help us make that happen!   Please fill out the survey on this page to let us know what activity groups you would like to see organized at the Arts Club. Feel free to make any programming suggestions as we want to develop programming that reflects the interests of our community.
We have also been approched to initiate the formation and facilitate meetings for the following interest groups so let us know if you would like to participate in any of these meet ups:
Spinners and Weavers - Textile Artists
Happy Hookers - Rug Hooking Artists
Quilting Queens - Quilting Group
Sculpt It  - 3D artists
Painters with Palets - Painters Group


We plan the use of our facilties based on interest so let us know if you would be interested in participating in any of these groups.

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