We have a full program this season with the Creative Arts Institute offering courses during the days, Arts Club meetings in the late afternoons and of course The Arts Club Arts; An Entertainment Event in the evenings. Every week has its reason at The Arts Club so plan some time to come and indulge your passions.

So Click on the image on the right and find plenty of reasons to get off the couch. This months Arts Festival Schedule has over 50 local Arts and Entertainment Events.   At The Arts Club in Brighton the members are planning to have an amazing season full of memorable events, activities and courses for all of us to enjoy.  So here are some reasons to go out and enjoy some great events with some great people! 


We are haveing a nostagic celebration of the good old 50's and 60's to raise funds for a special dance floor for local dance groups.  The event will not only feature those amazing wheels from the 50' and 60's but also the music and dance that made that era so dear to so many of our hearts.  So enjoy a blast from the past and help local dance groups get the facilities they deserve.  Tickets are $20 and available at The Arts Club.



 British recording star Katey Brooks paid a suprise visit to The Arts Club this June and put on an amazing 3 hour concert for our members.  A film crew from Media Arts filmed the concert which may be available online soon.  You never know what performers will be coming to our studios for a concert taping so stay in touch.  Studio Audience tickets are $20 and available at The Arts Club.


We hold benefit video dances for local non profits and charities at the Arts Club every month. Our last one was to commemorate our vetrans who served in the first and second world wars.  But every month we make a difference to local organizations. So Stay tuned for details on some amazing events. Video dance tickets are $20 and are available at The Arts Club.


Garnet McPherson starring in The Accidental Hitchhiker

This play is about a eccentric but bright Government Scientist "Edmund Edwards" who stumbles across a time machine hidden in a top secret bunker and inadvertently ends up hitchhiking 50 years into a future where multinational corporations (the Council) have taken control of the planetary financial system and as a result all government institutions. However the head of the Council "Lucifus Barkus" (played by Erik Brown) is facing the en-pending rapid collapse of the planets Eco systems and a resulting green rebellion from its citizens (The Tribes). Lucifrus is confident in the power he wealds and does not take the rising of the Tribes seriously. Edmund (played by Garnet McPherson) manages to infiltrate the leadership of the Tribes and devises a plan to over through the Council by popularizing a new media of exchange (Green Credits) which rewards people only in relation to their positive social and environmental impact. The goal is to pull the underpinnings of The Council by replacing their imposed global currency with the Greens created by The Tribes thus rendering their financial grip on the people useless.  The Councils power rests with its economic control of the citizens. As citizens widely adopt Green Credits as their preferred currency the Council realizes its control is threatened and en-devours to hunt down and destroy the Tribes leaders and in particular Edmund.     

This play will run on Fridays and Saturday nights at 7pm in the Backstage Theatre through July and August.  (festival seating only) Tickets are $20 for members and $25 for non members.  (Note: performances for the first three weeks are already sold out so book your seats now)


We hold benefit concerts featureing local live entertainment. The Next benefit event will be for Victory For Animals which  is a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection animals. Its International adoption and rescue center based in Brighton, Ontario is fighting animal cruelty around the world and helps find homes for unwanted animals and provide them with medical care when needed. So if you can make it expect great music,  good food, beverages, dancing and door prizes and a special gift just for coming out! A lot of entertainment for your $20 admission!

Tickets are available at The Arts Club



We are holding film screenings to raize funds for local community organizations. So enjoy some really great films at The Arts Club and support local community programs.  At The Arts Club  portion of revenue from every film screening goes to support local organizations. Ticket for the Screening Room are $10 and are available at The Arts Club.
 Every week there are reasons to visit this amazing place. So give us a call to see what is coming up at The Arts Club


Course Nights

PHOTOSHOP - Introductory Course

P106 - Basic Photoshop is designed to teach the
fundamentals of Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 that will get
you up and running with this popular image editing program

ACTING COURSE - Introductory Course

The Acting Course is a brain gym for actors putting them through a veriaty of
excercises that flex thier thespian muscles from role playing to improve this course explores your
ability to tell stories with your voice and body language.

Basic Photography Course

Garnet McPherson teaching PhotographyThis is the perfect quick training session for anyone looking to learn the fundamentals of photography. Whether you are a new photographer needing to learn the basics or a seasoned shooter wanting to brush up on the world of digital, this class puts all students on firm ground for advancing their photography.This course will introduce the creative and technical possibilities available to the photographer using the single lens reflex (SLR) digital camera.  See more on our course page.




A special workshop series for small businesses called “Result Focused Marketing” is designed to support the evolving marketing needs of small and medium sized organizations. Our marketing gurus lead an in-depth look at optimizing the effectiveness of a different media each month.  The focus of this series is developing marketing strategies that yield tangible results and offer step by step implementation plans that are both outcome and cost effective. This 12 month workshop series is a complete introduction to modern marketing methods that work . Workshops may be attended subject to seat availability at $20 per workshop.  These meetings are held weekly, Call for dates and  times and to reserve your seat.  Visit our course page for more info on courses.




A JAM with the areas's best Jazz Musicians If you like JAZZ you will love THE JAM  The Jam is a club for jazz musicians to gather, listen and perform every Tuesday evening at the Arts Club in Brighton. The Jam takes place in The Arts Club Back Stage Theatre, a special sound stage which is often used for recording sessions and music videos.  Its acoustics and atmosphere emulates a cross between the intimate Jazz clubs of New Orleans, and a Greenich Village Club. An awesome venue to listen to live music.  The Jam brings talented musicians together to create Jazz that will keep your toes a tapping. There is a different jazz theme every event so check our monthly program for details, but do join us for an evening of hot Jazz .   So find “your groove” at The Arts Club at the next JAM.

Admision is $10 Tickets available at The Arts Club

Creative Arts Institute Courses

The Creative Arts Institute
holds courses & workshops
at The Arts Club


Film Course

A Survey Of Great Classic Films
As part of the The Film Club film review program they are screening a series of classic films on our big screen and superb sound system.  We use this opportunity to hold a film course that explores the worlds best classic films. This course is offered as a credit at The Creative Arts Institute.  The Film Club classic film commitee reviews each film in its search for the best classic films of all time.  A full lisitng is in The Arts Festival Shedule and on the  Film  program page. 
Course $10 per class

Writers Course

A Mind Gym For Creative Writers

The Wordsmiths Writers Workshops were created for both established and emerging writers to develop their craft. Each session will involve a group discussion of challenges for writers, readings, and peer feedback. Whether you write short stories, books, articles, or film scripts; these meetings can help you to refine your approach to your projects. Each meeting explores another discipline that is a characteristic of highly successful writers. It provides a step by step approach to developing a successful career in writing.  Each session involves a workshop, readings, and coaching. Call for date and times and to reserve your place.


FILM FEST - Screenings

The Film Clubs Film Review Night is a film based meet-up focused on watching, then discussing reviewing films in detail. As part of the The Film Club documentary commitee review program they are screening a series of classic films on our big screen and superb sound system. Discussions take place after the screening and centre around the direction, acting, cinematography, screenplay, sound and how all the pieces either fit together or don't fit together. This is a group for anyone that enjoys watching a film and discussing its merit as art as well as its impact on the social, economic, environmental and political landscape of our world. Lots of food for thought! We love film and love learning more about film. If you also have a passion for film, you will want to join us on our film nights!  Anyone is welcome. It's an evening out that can add a great deal to your experience of this big screen media.  Some of upcoming screenings can be seen on the Film Club page.

Film Club Screening Meetings  Admission $10



On the  Film Clubs Film Review Night they screen outstanding films that have garnered recognition from the film industry. Great Films, Great Directors, Great Actors are reviewed in this series of popular films. This is a group for anyone that enjoys watching great films and if so inclined, staying to discuss its merits with other film fans.  If you also have a passion for big budget films, you will want to join The Film Club for its screening nights.  A partial listing can be seen on the FILM Club page.

Screening  $10


Multi Media Comedy Showcase

The Comedy Club puts an entertaining evening once a month with comedic performances on screen and stage. The Comedy Club programming is a multi media mix of video performances and live entertainment with an open mic featuring a varied mix of stand up, improv , magic and some times a little storytelling.   As part of the The Film Club comedy film commitee review program they will screening a series of films about some of the funniest people alive.  If you have a passion for funny, you will want to join The Comedy Club for these highly entertaining nights!   A partial listing can be seen on the FILM CLUB page.  You never know what to expect from our Comedy Club nights but you can count on some solid comic relief. The evening often finishes with a chance to see some of the funniest flicks ever made on our 20-foot screen and concert sound system!  So Laugh it up at The Arts Club!
$10 Admission



The Members from photo groups from Trenton, Brighton, Campbellford, and Cobourg get together once a month for exhibitions, talks, films, workshops, or demonstrations that show what goes into crafting works of photographic art.
7 am – 930 am DAWN PHOTOGRAPHY SHOOT in Presquille Provincial Park - Today we start off with an unstructured photo shoot of Marsh Lands in Presquille Provincial Park Presquille Photo Trek – This park is famous for its bio diversity and is a favorite spot for wildlife photographers it offers no end of photo opportunities. Today our group will explore the The Boardwalk Trail. To participate in this part of the day simply drive into the park the trial is the first one on the left and explore then meet up at the Arts Club at 9:30 am
9:30 am IMAGINEERS PHOTO GALLERY Located at The Arts Club 8 Loyalist Drive Unit 3 Brighton The Imagineers Gallery is a gallery dedicated to exhibiting the work of photographers. Come experience the work of three lightsmiths that are exploring and reflecting the world around us and sharing their unique vision with us in their work. The exhibit opening today will feature the work of three photographers Mike Gaudaur, Tony Crocker, Harold L. Potts. [all Imagineers Gallery members] The exhibit will be running for this season; details at
10:00 am IMAGE MAKING FUNDIMENTALS - Digital Photography Primer presentation at The Arts Club 8 Loyalist Drive Brighton. This introductory presentation at The Arts will explore the ins and outs of digital photography and how to get the most out of your digital cameras and techniques for capturing great photos. We explore how to manage the artistic controls even newbies can use including exposure, focus, shutter speed and ISO settings and of course composition to make great photos. This session will generally included a Q & A to help people with particular points of interest.

11 am A PROFESSIONAL APPROACH - Photography Workshop this presentation at The Arts Club will feature an instructor from The Creative Arts institute and will explore the work of some of the great photographers of our time and some of the background techniques and technology used to creating great photographic images. If time allows we will also have a FILM SCREENING of a documentary about a famous photographer Followed by a discussion with a Creative Arts Institute instructor/photographer
12:30 IMAGE ANALYSIS at Taste Buds Canteen inside the Arts Cub - A discussion & commentary of a high res slide show with critiques of various images exploring both technical and aesthetic qualities of each image. If you have images you would like critiqued please email them to us at least the week before the event. 1:00 LUNCH - Informal lunch and Networking at Kielys restaurant around the corner from The Arts Club. (not included in admission)
2:00-4:00 PHOTO TREK - Informal Photo Shoot - Destination to be determined .
images from this shoot can be brought to the next Foto Fest Image Analysis Session
Come for One Workshop or The Whole Day
COST: $15 each per person admission
WHERE: THE ARTS CLUB ADDRESS: 8 Loyalist Drive Unit 3 Brighton
please call The Arts Club at 613-661-0104 for details and to book your attendance.


Enjoy one workshop or the whole day   Addmission $15    Book Your Place ahead.  Take a look at the FOTO FEST page for details. 


Screening - Family Film Matinee  - $5
FAMILY FILM  Matinee -  The Film Clubs presents great Family Films on Weekend afternoons. As part of the The Film Club family film commitee review program they are screening a series of family films on our big screen. The Film Club reviews family films for parents looking for the best. They screen outstanding family films that have proven to be  popular with fans.   This is also for families that enjoy watching great films on the big screen in a comfortable cinema with awesome concert sound.  The Film Clubs Matinees provide an opportunity to join its members and bring families together to enjoy special cinema experiences that feature some of the best family films ever made.  A full listing can be seen on the FILM CLUB  page. Admission Only $5


Check out for the current

dance class schedule at The Arts Club.  Currenly we have:

Salsa, Bachata, Merengue Lesson $10

50's Rock N Roll / Jitterbug East Coast Swing Lessons $10




BACKSTAGE DANCE -Teens Video Dance Party

CAll For info on our next
-Teens Contemporary Dance Party
The Arts Club turns into a  "night club" for teens one Saturday per month at 7pm with hot dance music, videos, contests and more.
Admisssion   $5 at the door ID required
(Part of proceeeds of this event go to support ENSS Arts Programs)


GOTTA DANCE - Adult Night Club

 - A Dance Party Every Month!
The Back Stage Theatre tranforms into a  NIGHT CLUB on a Saturday night. It comes alive around 8:30 pm with good company gathering for tasty snacks, thirst quenching drinks, danceable music, good conversation with a few games and door prizes thrown in just for fun.  So join us on a Saturday night at Brighton's only night club!  Check our program or call for details on our next Gotta Dance.
Admission is $10


SINGLES MINGLE - Singles Dance Party

Every few months
If Your Are Single ...Get Ready To Meet. Mix & Mingle and make new friends! Celebrate Single Life with snacks, drinks, ice breaking games, music, dance and lots of fun.  
Don’t Miss This! Call for info on our next Singles Mingle.
Admission $10



Today Belly Dance is known for being the best dance for women’s bodies. The moves accentuate and make women beautiful, and can be performed beautifully by woman of all ages and sizes. 
Belly Dancing Classes are
10 Classes for $100 or Individual Lessons are $12



Line Dancing Group


Dance Line  is Brightons Line Dancing Club. It is creating a whole new contemporary approach to line dancing. A line dance is a choreographed dance with a repeated sequence of steps in which a group of people dance in one or more lines or rows and has recently been credited with many health benefits as a form of exercise.
DANCE LINE is a club that takes line dancing beyond just the country-western genre at its root to variants of the waltz, polka and swing. At a DANCE LINE event; Line dances are now accompanied by many popular music styles including pop, swing, rock and roll, disco, Latin, rhythm & blues, and jazz. DANCE LINE grew out of the Codderington Line Dance club which was started in 2009 by Bonnie Browne and now holds dances at The Arts Club in Brighton and also visits live music events across the region. Like a flash mob; these dancers can show up at any event and showcase this new kind of dancing that works with so many kinds of music. So have a workout and some fun and join us at DANCE LINE.  Enjoy Great Dancing ,Great Excersize, Great Music, Great Coffee, and most importantly Great Company!  Come Join In The Fun!

DANCES LESSONS: are held at the Codderington Community Centre and The Arts Club


OPEN MIC CLUB - We invite local musicians to organize a fun event when you can let your hair down, get on stage and enjoy entertaining each other.  The Arts Club Open Mic Events provide a special  opportuity for performers. An Open Mic Event is an opportunity for musicians, comedians, poets, song writers and philosophers to try thier new ideas out on a live and friendly crowd.  The Club tranforms the Back Stage Theatre to stage two types of open mic events every Sunday.
SHOWCASE OPEN STAGE  - We have on open stage that provides up and coming talent an opportunity to explore performance by showing thier stuff in front of a friendly audience.  This open mic event not only showcases local talent but there are often donated prizes for performers at this open mic.  This event also serves as an audition for this years Talent Contest. 
SONG CIRCLE - Here musicians can participate in this workshop for songwriters and performers to explore playing and creating together. Our song circle is an event developed by and for musicians to give everyone an opportunity to share, learn and play new songs.  This open circle encourages participatory collaboration.
In both cases it is variety at its best as you never know what to expect from the next one up to the mic.    For Performers the Open Mic Night is an opportunity to enjoy entertaining in front of  a friendly crowd looking for new experiences.  For the audience its  an opportunity to appreciate the amazing talents that live in our own community.
This Years TALENT CONTEST - We are are also looking for entrants for the TAC Talent Contest. So when someone with talent performs at one of our open mics it is also an audition for The Arts Club Annual Talent Contest which will feature over $1000 in  prizes for the winning acts.

We are always impressed with all the amazing local talent from this area so come enjoy a musical celebration.

Admission To Our Open Mic Events are Free - Donations Are Appreciated

NOTE:  all events planned are subject to minimum and maximum participation levels so please remember to register with our office in advance.


MAKE THE ARTS CLUB YOUR CLUB!  Created by community members for community members.  The Arts Club was always intended to be an arts and entertainment oasis in this part of Ontario. So help us make it your club. Tell us what you would like to see us consider for programming. If you communicate with us about your interests, your preferences then it can have an impact on future programming at The Arts Club. So please fill out the questionaire below and let us know what you would like to see on our stage, on our screen or on our walls.

What do you want on The Arts Club Stage?

Please check off any event that you would attend