Current Arts Festival Schedule


JUNE at The Arts Club is all about the Arts.  A new show opens in our Imagineers Gallery and several arts events are scheduled for our Backstage Theatre.  The centre piece of this months Programing is The Brighton Film Clubs "Celebration of Film". They will be screening double features with concert, classic, documentary, feature, comedy and family films on Friday nights for the rest of the month. Screening Times are 7pm and 9pm .  The Creative Arts Institute will also be running courses at the Arts Club all month and you can see the course line up complete with dance, photography and film programs at  If you are interested in attending a dance at the Arts Club please let us know as we are planning our dance events for the summer this month.

The Arts Festival Calendar is published every month so there may be
events planned that were not available at the Festival publication date. But if you subscribe 
to our newsletter you can stay up to date on upcoming events.  

If you want to book a special event and want to know available times please contact us
and we will be glad to review the current schedule with you.