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CREATIVE LEARNING - The Arts Club is all about learning about and developing ones creative skills. The Creative Arts Institute is working with The Arts Club to create a full arts curriculum.   They are working together to develop several courses and workshops for our creative community.  Our Educational programs are held seven days a week during daytime hours.  Here is the current list of programs available. Let us know if you are interested in any we offer.  Feel free to make suggestions about other course offerings you would like to see.
WRITERS WORKSHOPS -  This writers development program was developed for established and emerging writers to develop their craft. Each meeting explores another discipline that is a characteristic of highly sussessfull writers. It provides a step by step approach to developing a successful career in writing.  Each session involves a workshop, readings, and coaching. The cost of each workshop including coffee is $10 for members $12 for non members.  Writers workshop series includes 18 sessioins, call for dates and times and to reserve your seat. 
RESULT FOCUSED MARKETING - A special workshop series for small businesses called “Result Focused Marketing” is designed to support the evolving marketing needs of small and medium sized organizations. Our marketing gurus lead an in-depth look at optimizing the effectiveness of a different media each month.  The focus of this series is developing marketing strategies that yield tangible results and offer step by step implementation plans that are both outcome and cost effective. This 12 month workshop series is a complete introduction to modern marketing methods that work and is a bargain at $180 for members and $200 for non members. Seating priority is given to full series registrants. Individual workshops may be attended subject to seat availability at $20 per workshop.  These meetings are held weekly, Call for dates and  times and to reserve your seat.
DANCING LESSONS Join in on these fun classes to learn and practice differant dance steps. Popular dance styles for which instruction is available include: 50's rock n roll and jitterbug.  Ballroom styles such as cha-cha, fox trot, swing, tango and waltz.  Latin styles including Salsa, Bachata, Merengue.  Country styles including line dance and swing.  As well as others, such as freestyle, hip-hop and Jazz. We may even be offering traditional forms such as ballet, belly dancing and tap.The cost for a 10 session series of Arts Club  dance lessons start at  $99.  However Individuals can join in on a single lesson subject to available space at $12 per lesson  Private Lessons are $50 per lesson. Dance courses are generally on Saturday  or Sunday. Call for dates and times and to reserve your seat.
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MUSIC LESSONS  are available At The Arts Club for a number of instruments. Contact our office for the current list of private music lessons available.   The cost of for each music lessons are $20 for members and $25 for non members. These lessons are generally on Saturdays, Call for dates and times and to reserve your place.

Lessons in sketching, painting and other meda are generally held on Mondays. We offer lessons with a leading art instructor who will guide beginners and amateurs of all ages and help grow your skills. The cost of each lesson is $15 for members or $20 for non members.  $40 per hour for private lessons.   Call for dates and  times and to reserve your seat.
Here are some of our upcoming photo courses we are developing: Basic Photography Cours e, Creative Photography Course, Digital Imaging Course, Lightroom,  Freelance Photography Course, Glamour Photography Course, Landscape Photography Course, Wedding Photography Course, Black and White Photography, Photographic Lighting and our previously popular course The Art Of Seeing.  Take a look below for an outline of our upcoming classes.  
The Creative Arts Institute Instructors are seasoned professionals that can help you explore the techniques and technology that can empower your creativity.  This semester features the following photography courses.  Registrations are accepted in the order that they arrive.
Basic Photography Course

This is the perfect quick training session for anyone looking to learn the fundamentals of photography. Whether you are a new photographer needing to learn the basics or a seasoned shooter wanting to brush up on the world of digital, this class puts all students on firm ground for advancing their photography.This course will introduce the creative and technical possibilities available to the photographer using the single lens reflex (SLR) digital camera. 

Learn the basic principles of photography including:
Camera Settings - Learn the settings & get your camera set up right
Depth of Field - What it is, and how to use it to make better photos
Exposure - Get it right in the field without any fuss
Focus - Learn how focus is affected and how to take control of it
Composition - Explore the rules and learn when to break them.

Through demonstrations, hands-on practice, weekly assignments and critiques; you'll learn about pixels, resolution, image size & quality, the advantages of shooting in different file formats, camera set-up, white balance, f-stops, shutter speeds, lenses, focusing, depth of field, exposure & metering, and how to use the many settings and functions of your camera. You will learn how to use natural light more effectively, how to compose a good photograph, how to better recognize picture taking opportunities and how to capitalize on them.angle of view

With a greater understanding of the basics of photography, you'll develop the skills and confidence to take better pictures

With our Basic Photography Course you can begin to take better photos of any subject and get more enjoyment from your photography. The lessons are arranged in an order that will systematically build your skills.

In addition to the technical, the class will also explore the artistic side of photography covering topics such as light, composition, point of view and subject placement. Students can expect clear and thoughtful explanations with a wide variety of photographic examples from all seven continents.

And don’t forget, one of the absolute best ways to improve your photography is get out there and shoot.

The Basic Photography Course is a eight week course with eight two hour lessons and costs $198

Course Requirement: A film or digital Camera



The Art Of Seeing - (four week course)
"The question is not what you look at but what you see." -  Henry David Thoreau

So how do you see and interpret the world around you?  
Do you often see what others may miss entirely?  Or do you tend to miss entirely what others may be seeing? 
You are indeed not alone if the art of seeing has not registered on your consciousness!  Most of us can see in the conventional sense, but not many of us have experienced  'seeing' in the creative sense.  For a variety of reasons attached to our history, personality, state of mind and even our emotional state we can quite simply be blind to it.

The challenge for most photographers is how to interpret the world around them. Trying to tell the whole story in a single photograph is part of the problem. Of course one must understand how your technology works in terms of what your camera is capable of capturing and the perspective each lens can provide. But more importantly it is the perspective that you provide that make the biggest difference. It is about considering different points of view and taking the time to evaluate various perspectives and then selecting the one that really speaks to you.

When I taught photography at Sheridan Collage my favorite course to teach was called Visual Awareness but what led to me teaching that course was pivotal in my career as a photographer. I had just graduated from collage I volunteered to assist Ansel Adams and carried his camera through the Sierra Nevada’s for a summer of incredible learning.  I credit my time with him for introducing me to the art of really seeing.  A master of selective observation as well as photography, I have seen him leave the studio in the morning with one sheet of film and spend the whole day finding and  capturing just one image.  I wont ask you to do that but I will ask you to take your time to explore the possibilities before you press the shutter.

What we photograph and how we photograph it reveals much about who we are and over the course of just a few weeks; both your weaknesses and your strengths will be reflected in your journey.  The process we will explore if you an organized left-brainer or a more impulsive right brainer and discuss how that influences your approach to seeing the world around you.

the art of seeingThis course is designed with thought provoking and challenging lessons that will take you on a remarkably revealing journey through the psychology of visual awareness.  We can open your eyes to the unlimited and greatly inspiring possibilities of photography and powerful elements of visual design. This awareness can unleash a level of visual perception in ways you had never before imagined.  No matter what skill level you are at when you start this course, these lessons hold the promise of awakening that creative giant within you. This course is not just a fun exploration of photography, but an eye-opening, mind-expanding, and truly illuminating course in how you see the world around you. One thing is for sure by the end of this course, you will never look at the world in the same way.
The Art of Seeing is a eight week course with weekly 2 hour lessons at a cost of  $198

Course Requirement: Completion of our Basic Photography course OR a thorough knowledge of aperture, shutter speed and ISO.

Lightroom Part One
File Management & Basic Editing - In this class we will get you up and running with Lightroom. I will walk you through getting your images organized and “imported” into Lightroom. I will teach you efficient systems for managing your image collection, evaluating and sorting your keepers, and backing up your images. There are so many time saving techniques, keyboard shortcuts, and powerful presets to share with you. Keywording, rating, filtering and making smart collections will ensure that you can always find any image you are looking for, and be able to see al your best work in one place. We will finish off the evening showing you some of the quick-develop tools you can use to start tweaking your images.  Two Hour Workshop  Every week for 8 weeks - Cost $198
Lightroom Part Two
Editing & Exporting - After the nitty-gritty of Library Module is out of the way we can move on to the magic of the Develop Module. We will spend most of the evening learning how to push and pull sliders, bend curves, and use localized adjustments to really polish your pictures. You will be amazed at how far Lightroom can take your image files. Ultimately you will marvel at how quickly you can transform your files using Presets. Two Hour Workshop  Every week for 8 weeks - Cost $198


P101 Basic Photography  - An introduction to digital photography that covers the basic skills you will need to create good pictures, helping you understand the process from forming the idea to the creating the final print. 
P102 - Intermediate Photography digs deeper into the creative controls available to the digital photographer. We will be exploring the nature and quality of a variety of light sources and various methods to combine lighting, lens selection, aperture, ISO, and shutter speed to give you creative control over the images you create.
P103 - Advanced Photography This first level Advanced Photography Course adds significantly to your knowledge and skills by giving you the foundation in a wide variety of advanced techniques. from lighting approaches, to advanced manipulation of exposure filters, white balance, format, bit depth, light metering, lighting characteristics as well as advanced techniques for panorama, time-lapse, and HDR (high dynamic range).calibrating and profiling (camera, monitor, printers) and exhibition considerations. How different genres of photography use these techniques to create truly great images.
P108 - Painting with Light - Light is our medium and the ability to work with the light is
often what separates great photographers from the crowd. This course is a study of light
and how it becomes and defines your images. This course covers the use of Natural Light,
Tungsten Lighting, Fluorescent Lighting, LED lighting, Lighting with Flash, Portrait
Lighting, Product Lighting, Lighting metal and glass and more.
P109 - The Art Of Seeing  A creativity course the Art Of Seeing is an exploration of
creative visual awareness for photographers and film makers and focuses on developing
your compositional and visual skills sets.
P110 - Wildlife and Nature Creating great wildlife and nature photos
requires a serious understanding of the capabilities of your technology
as well as techniques for interpreting the natural world in natural light.
P104 - Basic Lightroom  includes File Management & Basic Editing
managing your image collection, evaluating, sorting, and backing up
your images. keywording, rating, filtering and making smart
collections and tools to start tweaking your images.
P106 - Basic Photoshop is designed to teach the
fundamentals of Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 that will get
you up and running with this popular image editing
Magic 101
For over 15 years Randy The Mentalist has performed live with  Magic Sleight of hand, Mentalism at Corporate events and Television.
In this exclusive course Randy lets his students in on some to the tricks of his trade during this two day (two hours) per lesson Magic Course.
Learn the basics sleight of hand skills of magic in this weekend course. Learn the fundamentals of a magic performance and study how to perform like a real magician. Learn how to make small objects vanish with the tap of a wand.  Learn how to find a spectators chosen card. Produce coins from thin air.  Discover how you can make people say "how did you do that"
Weekend Magic Course  package includes deck of cards and a magic wand. As well as a course booklet and practice guide to help you reach your potential.
Course Costs $30 per student per course for member    $40 per student per course for non members.
REGISTER - Participation in these programs is first come first serve, so please register early for any of our educational programs.  Fill out the form for the program you are interested in (in the left) and we will get back to you with a registration time.  However all our classes are subject  to minimum registration requirements so if you want to make sure the program you are interested in is offer spread the word about our programs!
The Talent Network is developing  professional development programs for performers as well, 
Public Speaking Seminars that explore the techniques and skills in effective public speaking,
Acting Workshops to refine technique and skills.
Comedy Workshops to practice your routine and recieve helpful input.
Vocal Coaching, take those pipes for a work out with sessions for both voice work and singing. 
Magic Lessons now you can dazzle your family and friends or that hot date with this week end course on the basics of performing majic tricks

The Creative Arts Institute  is  also developing visual arts workshops and courses on 
and many creative disciplines related to the art and craft of
Film Making.

The Arts Club Backstage Theatre is an ideal teaching environment with a great atmosphere, wonderful acoustics, concert sound system, theatrical stage lighting, high-def projection, a dance floor, catering, on-site photography & video services and lots more!  A perfect place to hold a class or workshop. If you would like to explore using The Arts Club facilities for your own programing please contact us.  Our Weekday time slots are generally for 1.5 hour sessions but the time frame
can be made to order for your project.  Here are some of the time slots we have made available for daytime programing at The Arts Club.



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