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THE NIGHT WATCHMAN - Coming To The Backstage Theatre

The Night Watchman is a somewhat dark play by Devon Manning about a night watchman who uncovers a secret plot by the deranged CEO of a bio engineering company (played by Maurice O'Connel) that feels that the only hope for the planet is to reduce the human population through the covert use of bio weapons. The night watchman (played by Garnet McPherson) decides he is going to sabotage those plans and gets mixed up in some hair riazing and dangerous senerious as he trys it unravel the project.  In his struggle to become an expert at industrial espionage he finally solicits the assistance of one of the companies scientists  (played by Racheal Rutledge)  

She is a beautiful and very smart academic who has let her misgivings about some of the experiments she has been asked to perform slip out during casual conversations. They team up but don't know who is in on the secret project so they keep walking a fine line as they investigate and craft their plan.The two of them soon find out that they are putting a lot more on the line than their jobs as they attempt to interfere with the secret project that the company execs have ironically dubbed “The Cleanse”   This play brings us to the brink of deaster and you will only know how it turns out in the final minutes of the performance.

This play is scheduled for Friday and Saturday nights in October and November. Tickets are $20 for members and $25 for non members so book them early.



07/14/2015 01:55
THE TAC TALENT CONTEST has prizes worth over $1000 Performers who perform at the TAC Open Mic Night on Thursdays at 8pm can also be selected as finalists in the TAC Talent Contest that will be held later this year.  You are invited to share your talent on our stage. Musicians, comedians,...

THE FILM CLUB will be holding film screenings and reviews at the Arts Club.

06/24/2015 02:43
Film club members will be gathering  to screen and discuss trending movies from various genres.  Film has always had a large impact on our society and our perception of the world.  These Film Review Nights will be meet-ups focused on watching, then discussing films in detail....

OPEN MIC NIGHT at The Arts Club will be Fridays starting in July

06/23/2015 02:38
OPEN MIC NIGHT at The Arts Club is Thursdays starting at 8pm - a fun night when you can let your hair down, get on stage and have a blast entertaining each other. Friday Night is an opportunity for musicians, comedians, poets, song writers and philosophers to try thier new ideas out on a live and...

FI LM MAKERS COLLECTIVE are planing to meet at The Arts Club

06/22/2015 02:34
FI LM MAKERS COLLECTIVE are planing to meet at The Arts Club. Emerging and Established film makers will get together for creative collaborations and to explore the local resources available for their projects. The is an eclectic group of writers, producers, directors, cinematographers and talent...

ACTING OUT - TALENT Workshops for Actors and Performers coming to The Arts Club

06/21/2015 02:28
ACTING OUT - TALENT Workshops - Actors and performers  will be meet and develope informal workshops to hone thier craft.  A chance to explore new ground and excersice your expressive muscles.  Put your talents to the test with professional coaching and the support of your...

MEDIA MAGIC - Marketing Workshops are coming the The Arts Club

06/20/2015 02:20
The Marketing Club will be having meetings where Marketing Professinals & Entreprenuers get together to learn about a differant media and effective marketing techniques. Experts in various marketing media share thier sercrets of success and thier tried and true techniques for getting the word...

The CREATORS - You Tube Content Creators group will be meeting at The Arts Club

06/19/2015 02:23
The CREATORS - You Tube Content Creators - You Tubers gather to discuss and create online video content and explore colaberative creations using the green screen studio at The Arts Club where they can drop any background into thier video footage.  Want to shoot a video in "the Arctic" or "New...

Television Pilot Being Shot at the Arts Club

05/14/2015 08:05
A new Television Series about the lives of Canadian Comics is being shot at The Arts Club this month featurng three top Canadian stand up comics with host John Casey. The crew from Media Arts Productions will be using both our Back Stage Theatre and our Taste Buds Canteen in the show. If you would...

The Arts Club summer programing starts this July 1st

03/21/2015 17:26
Well its been 6 months in the making and countless volunteer hours have gone into creating our club house! The gallery, theatre, stage, lighting, sound system, dressing room, etc are now all ready for prime time.  So now we are putting a shout out to all interested parties that would like to...

Playing At Work

11/23/2014 19:55
Play At Work   Many dot com companies have long recognized the link between productivity and a fun work environment. Some encourage play and creativity by offering art or yoga classes, throwing regular parties, providing games such as Foosball or ping pong, or encouraging recess-like...
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