THE FILM CLUB will be holding film screenings and reviews at the Arts Club.

06/24/2015 02:43

Film club members will be gathering  to screen and discuss trending movies from various genres.  Film has always had a large impact on our society and our perception of the world.  These Film Review Nights will be meet-ups focused on watching, then discussing films in detail. Discussions will centre around the direction, acting, cinematography, screenplay and sound and how all the pieces either fit together or don't fit together. This is a group for anyone that enjoys watching a film and discussing its merit as art as well as its impact on the social, economic, environmental and political landscape of our world. Lots of food for thought!. We love film and love learning more about film. If you also have a passion for  film, you will want to join in on our film nights!  Its an evening out that can add a great deal to your experience of this big screen media. Film Screenings will Start At 8 pm so stay tuned as the details of up and coming film club program is released.