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THE NIGHT WATCHMAN - Coming To The Backstage Theatre

The Night Watchman is a somewhat dark play by Devon Manning about a night watchman who uncovers a secret plot by the deranged CEO of a bio engineering company (played by Maurice O'Connel) that feels that the only hope for the planet is to reduce the human population through the covert use of bio weapons. The night watchman (played by Garnet McPherson) decides he is going to sabotage those plans and gets mixed up in some hair riazing and dangerous senerious as he trys it unravel the project.  In his struggle to become an expert at industrial espionage he finally solicits the assistance of one of the companies scientists  (played by Racheal Rutledge)  

She is a beautiful and very smart academic who has let her misgivings about some of the experiments she has been asked to perform slip out during casual conversations. They team up but don't know who is in on the secret project so they keep walking a fine line as they investigate and craft their plan.The two of them soon find out that they are putting a lot more on the line than their jobs as they attempt to interfere with the secret project that the company execs have ironically dubbed “The Cleanse”   This play brings us to the brink of deaster and you will only know how it turns out in the final minutes of the performance.

This play is scheduled for Friday and Saturday nights in October and November. Tickets are $20 for members and $25 for non members so book them early.


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Celebrities Are Coming To The Arts Club

11/19/2014 03:03
They have gaged me so I cant tell you who will be coming to see THE ARTS CLUB in the coming weeks, but my fingures can still type!  So all I can tell you, is that we are all in for a treat as The Arts Club gets visited in the weeks to come.  Stay tuned as I am sure I will get this gag off...

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11/19/2014 02:27
An Amazing Team - Countless man (and woman) hours went into the building of The Arts Club. Our volunteers worked tiredlessly some putting in 120 hr weeks working on this project.  It took several weeks just to clean up the warehouse we had selected for its location,  then two more weeks...

Share The Arts Club With Your Friends

11/17/2014 03:21
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